How are you guys using Drafts?

Hi all

I am very new to the Drafts scene but absolutely love it. My issue is that I feel I am very much under utilising it. I am purely using it as a capture tool and using the actions to either send to OmniFocus, email or DEVONthink. Simply archiving after the action so I have no items left in inbox.

With all of these references to workspaces and tagging I would love to know how you guys are using it. Are you keeping all your notes in Drafts? Do they all stay within inbox? If so how do you then distinguish from the items you have captured and not dealt with yet??

With the scope to add widgets with different workspaces etc it would be so good to go deep!

Thank you so much in advance!

Hey @mikecufc. You might find the links in this post useful— references for posts here in the forum on different ways people are making use of drafts as a primary capture/authoring and storage tool for their writing/note-taking.

Drafts is the primary destination/home for my writing and note-taking. For me, Evernote is a legacy app— there are things it’s still good for, but I mostly continue using it because I’ve got so much in it and I like the way things resurface in response to a search query. Notebooks 10 is my goto for supporting information (documents/images that I can easily reference from Drafts). I also use iThoughts alongside Drafts when I need to map my thinking out (and there have been some efforts here to create some graphing actions for Drafts).

I keep active notes in the inbox of each workspace. I also have an “Inbox” workspace that contains untagged drafts— these are essentially the ones you asked about, the items I’ve captured but haven’t yet dealt with. Hope that helps.

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That’s fantastic. Thank you very much.

I just need to settle on my apps for a while and stop changing my processes!

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Hi @mikecufc,

I had a bit of a on/off-relation with Drafts the last 5 years.

I use it as a tool to capture text - even the best iOS dictation in as many languages as you want! I love the fact that I do not have to thing if a snippet is a task or something else.

Since the last months I was diving deeper into the workspace concept and found the concept of a Zettelkasten (slip-note-database) that could totally live in Drafts all the time.

As I looked deeper into Scripting I now even have a workspace for JavaScript in Drafts (Search for TADpoLe in this forum if you want to find out more)

I would suggest to you to start slow and integrate it app by app at a time.
There are so many actions already available for the tools.
Then start to tweak it step by step. Do not forget the productivity boost that a external keyboard will give you. And add keystrokes to the important actions you need often.


Thank you. I will certainly check out that JS!