Hide Keyboard Bars [SOLVED-R17]

I really wish I could keep the keyboard bar permantly hidden while connected to a hardware keyboard.

I’m talking about the grey bottom bar with the undo/redo/paste buttons on the left side, and the bold/italic/underline buttons on the right side. This bar can be temporarily dismissed but it’s always popping back up blocking the UI.

(I’m not even sure what this bar is really supposed to be called. In another writing app, iA Writer, there’s an option called “Hide Keyboard Bars” and this works perfectly there)


+1 to this, was just about to open this request. It really doesn’t provide much, and is a visual distraction.

I enjoy the other editors that allow it to be hidden (Ulysses does now, as well - they call it “Hide Shortcut Bar”).

I’m adding a “Disable action bar” setting for R16 that will completely disable the action bar.


Greg, we had meant this bar - it’s not terribly useful, since we already have keyboard shortcuts for these buttons

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Clicking the down arrow at the right end of the useless grey bar (UGB) closes it for me on an iPad Pro with a connected Universal Folio case+keyboard. Once closed, it doesn’t show itself for that draft.

UGB… I like that name! Unfortunately, the UGB keeps coming back for me:

I get this behaviour with and without split-view. After dismissing the UGB, it appears again the moment I type a key on my hardware keyboard.

One other thing… I wish the drafts settings wouldn’t be obscured by the UGB or the keyboard row. My devices are very tall and there’s plenty of screen real estate for this row to be always visible:

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Same here, the UGB appears and covers up existing interface. There are a few approaches that could work here. I never see the UGB in 1Writer, which works for me… in 1Writer, the UGB is customized and there’s no little toolbar of widgets at the bottom of the screen that it’s covering up. But either way, something’s gotta give!

This has been implemented in the beta and will be out in R17 in next couple of weeks.

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Thank you very much for this update. :slight_smile: