Hide Action in Extended Keyboard Row

I don’t currently see any way to do this in the app of docs, but I’d like to be able to have an action included in a keyboard enabled action group that does not show on the extended keyboard row. i.e. an option or naming convention whereby an action doesn’t get a button.

The aim is to allow such a “hidden” action (still in the sidebar of course) to be included by other actions and have the group self contained for sharing with others.

When triggered from the side bar, I can use the current action name to pop up some info to ensure it doesn’t do anything ‘unwarranted’, but having it on the extended keyboard row takes up valuable space. I’d like to avoid that.


This is something that has been frustrating me, as well. I don’t suppose anyone has figured this out yet? I certainly haven’t, but I am not an expert. Thanks.

It isn’t so much a case of figuring out as it was a request for the functionality.

Not enough to throw in a separator and put them at the end of the action group?

Kind of hacky, but you can make the Key Label of the separator a bunch of spaces and it will move those action off screen.

I think that sort of hack is actually referred to as a “dirty hack” :rofl: