Help with Reeder App on Mac

Does anyone here use Reeder for RSS on Mac (or iOS). Is there a way to share directly to Drafts with the URL and title of an article. When using the sharing extension, nothing seems to be sent over. I think this is more of an issue with Reeder. If anyone has some guidance it would be helpful.

if i share an article the title and the url will be passed to drafts app. maybe this is source dependent? I did try two different websites i’m following.
I have to add that I’m using feedly as sync mechanism but it also works with articles in the ReadLater section from the Reeder app.

This is in the Mac App? I don’t have the same issue in the iOS version.

I just debugged this…it seems that Reeder is passing a URL to the share sheet, but it’s passing it as a Data type. Never seen that before, but it seems other apps can handle it. I’ll add conversion handling for that in the next update.

As for getting the title, that information is not available. Reeder is only passing the URL.

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That said, you might find the Make Markdown Link example action useful. It takes a URL, and downloads the page and parses out the title to build a markdown link.

Thanks. Yeah once I can get at least the link, I should be good. Appreciate you looking into this.

No I tested it on iOS :wink: