Help with Merging Drafts with common tag into one "Master Draft" with said tag

I’m very new to Drafts and I’m loving it. I have tried to search for what I’m looking for but I don’t think I have the vocabulary to really articulate what it is that I need. I’m looking for an action or action group that will look through all of my drafts, find ones with “x” tag, merge them all into one draft with “x” tag, and then archive or delete the merged drafts.

For example, throughout the day I end up writing random notes and to-do’s and such and I typically tag them with “inbox” because I haven’t sorted through them or don’t really know what to do with them. I would like to be able to run an action to grab ALL of my “inbox” tagged drafts (date agnostic) and merge them into a sort of master inbox. From there I have actions used from this amazing community to edit, sort, and process. I used a modified GTD method, so I would like actions for “inbox”, “organize”, “clarify”, etc…

Has anyone had any experience with this? Does this already exist? and if it does, what is it called that I’m looking for?

My heart is to learn and eventually be able to contribute!

Drafts is more or less optimized around an inbox processing workflow as it is…I think you might find it is less effort to just capture things through the day and let them be in your Drafts inbox (without needed to tag them), and your processing step is just to open up your inbox, and go through and handle each draft…either by acting on it with an action, assigning a tag, archiving it, etc. - skipping the merge step.

I there are reason you would prefer to merge the drafts into one? Because it somewhat complicates acting on them each as a separate snippet of text that might end up in a different destination.

That makes a lot of sense, thanks for that insight. I’ll try that out and see if I can achieve what I’m trying to do that way! Plus this way I could just select multiple drafts from my inbox, and update tags to sort them elsewhere. Let me put it into practice and see what comes of it.

Thanks you for the quick response!

I’m not sure what type of processing you are likely to be looking to do with your captures, but I would note that a lot of what Drafts can do for you is to automate little bits of that flow. For example, if you have an action that sends an draft to your task manager of choice, that action can be configured to automatically archive and/or assign tags to the draft…so it can be one tap to send off the item and file it away.