Help with Creating Siri Shortcut to do Emotional Diary in Drafts and Day One

How much do you know about:

  1. Drafts actions.
  2. Script action steps.
  3. Beginner level JavaScript.
  4. The draft JavaScript object for Drafts.

1,2 and 4 you can find out about on

3 you can learn in thousands of places online and in books.

If you don’t get it then I’d recommend reading around the subject to understand the basics involved. Without that, when you get suggestions, you may not know what to do with them.

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Thanks. I’m always so impressed with your posts on here and Automators :pray:t2::blush:

Hi everyone. I updated my “Emotional diary” a little bit. And I need some help with just finishing it the right way.

There is a link to it here:

The first prompt asks me, “how do you feel right now?”

Then there is a list where I can select a feeling.

Then a new prompt opens to ask me: what is the underlying feeling?

And then is a much longer list of feelings.

But Drafts only stores the last text input from the shortcut. I would like to have it appear like this in the Draft note, for example:

“Time stamp”: “First emotion”: “second emotion”

Can any one help me do that?

Edit: I also posted this on the Automators forum.

Since this is moe of a Shortcuts query than a Drafts query, I’ve added a solution over on the Automators’ posting.

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