Help with append to Evernote Journal


HI. I’m using the Append to Evernote journal action. Is there a way to set a prompt for the name of the note each time I run the action? I have a few journals I’d like to append. I guess I could create a separate action for each note but looking for a more elegant solution.

Thanks in advance.


Yes, this can be done pretty easily. Add a Prompt action step before the Evernote step. Configure the buttons in the prompt to be the pipe separated list of notes you want to target, like:

Note 1|Note 2|Note 3

Then, in the Evernote step, use the [[prompt_button]] tag in the note name field.

This will show the prompt and use the button name you selected as the note title to target.


Thank you. That’s great.



Another question. How do I use the prompt for user defined text input? I tried using the text input prompt. When i run the action, a blank input box opens, I can type information. But when I hit enter, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?