Help with append to Evernote Journal

HI. I’m using the Append to Evernote journal action. Is there a way to set a prompt for the name of the note each time I run the action? I have a few journals I’d like to append. I guess I could create a separate action for each note but looking for a more elegant solution.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, this can be done pretty easily. Add a Prompt action step before the Evernote step. Configure the buttons in the prompt to be the pipe separated list of notes you want to target, like:

Note 1|Note 2|Note 3

Then, in the Evernote step, use the [[prompt_button]] tag in the note name field.

This will show the prompt and use the button name you selected as the note title to target.

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Thank you. That’s great.


Another question. How do I use the prompt for user defined text input? I tried using the text input prompt. When i run the action, a blank input box opens, I can type information. But when I hit enter, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?