Help Wanted: New Notion Database Item Using Drafts

I have been scouring the internet for a solution to this problem I am having.

I found this script and the related thread that would allow one to create a new database item in notion using drafts. Despite reading the thread, watching hours of video on javascript and reading about notion’s API’s… I have been unsuccessful in making it work.

As a result I reached out to a programmer using a freelance website who was able to make the script work for adding a new page in notion. In order to use drafts to make a new database item he claims you need premium version of drafts which he doesn’t have. That said he would need remote access to my desktop in order to complete this job. I am obviously not going to do this So, now I am at a standstill again.

Is anyone currently doing this or willing to help me out in coming up with a solution. Those of us Notion enthusiasts (weirdos that we are) want this functionality. Such that a good percentage of the us are paying zapier $30 a month for just this function.

Honestly, right at the moment, unless you are an experienced JavaScript coder, I would recommend you wait a few months and revisit Drafts <> Notion integration.

While it is possible to use the Notion API directly from Drafts now, it is not integrated into the app and supported. We plan to add Notion integration in the coming months now that their (still in beta) API has settled down and is not changing every few weeks.

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