Help to add date or "My Day" to MS To Do action

I would like to add the ability to add today’s date or assign a task to the list “My Day” in the action available in the Directory for sending a task to Microsoft To Do. By default you can pick a custom list but not the built in lists and dates are not available.

Anyone know how to make this?

PS. Don’t know if I’m supposed to link to the action here…

That example action uses the To Do action step. If you simply edit that action, tap on the one action step, you can configure values for the list to target. Simply put the name of your list in the “List Template” field.

As far as adding today’s date, I’m not sure what you are wanting. If you simply want to insert the date in the notes or title of the task, that can be configured here as well, using template tags like [[date]].

If you are wanting to assign a due date, that cannot be done with this type of step. You would need to use a scripted action for more advanced options in that case. There are examples to get you started in the To Do integration guide.

Thanks for the quick reply.
Sorry for not being clear.
Yes, I see I can assign the task to different lists, but only my custom lists, not the built in (like My Day).

The date I was looking for is indeed the due date so I will be looking into the suggestions given.

Or switch task manager to Things 3 which has many action options.


Hi @Verniax,

Tasks can’t be added to My Day via the To Do API, which I’m guessing is what Drafts is using. This has been a frustration for me, too (see this Microsoft community post for one documented discussion). Among workarounds I’ve used (via the To Do API) when I want one of my Outlook emails to show up in My Day is to flag it so it shows up as a suggestion, and then I add it to My Day.

I use the To Do API pretty extensively, so if there’s other questions I can answer, just let me know. Good luck!