Help me insert an email address link

I apologize in advance if this is obvious to others, but I have not been able to discern how to embed an email link in a draft.

I am using iOS on an iPad, and I publish an email newsletter using Apple Mail. I have tried a number of times to write a person’s name, and then add a link that, when activated, will start an email address to the person.

I have tried the syntax ” [Jimmy Jones] ( “ and I have also tried
[Jimmy Jones] (, but neither syntax works in the preview or in markdown email. Note: I added the spaces between the [] and () after I saw that the forums software automatically rendered those as links. When in drafts, I omit the space! :grinning:

If this has already been answered either here in the forums or in the documentation, please just point me in the direction of that knowledge. Thanks!

Dave Gerlits

Not sure I understand exactly what your end goal is…if it’s just to have link in the text of a draft you can tap to open a new message addressed in Mail, you can just place the email address in a draft, and enable Link Mode and the email address will become a tappable link.

If you are wanting to automate this further, you can create email actions already configured to sent to specific addresses or groups. The email integration guide covers some of these basic of configuring mail actions.