Help-3 state check box sorting action deleted my Draft!?!

As the title suggests I installed and ran the ‘3 state check box sorting’ action in rder to sort a check-box list in a draft page into ‘checked’ and unchecked’ to tiday it up.
Instead, it deleted the entire draft with about 50 items in it and I dont know where its gone!
In the list there were checked and unchecked items and my intention was to have action have the entire list sorted into checked (at the end of the list) and unchecked (at the end of the list).

Any ideas what went wrong
Thanks Ron

Before anyone tries to help diagnose what might have happened, have you been able to retrieve your list of items?

If not, and the draft is still there in your list of drafts, have you tried looking back through versions of that draft (draft info; scroll down to see versions)?

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Is is this action you are referring to?

A couple of thoughts:

  • You should always be able to undo the result of an action that changes text in the editor. A little late for that right now, but something to keep in mind in the future.
  • If the action did misbehave and remove text (I can’t reproduce that here testing with the linked action above), you may also be able to restore from the version history of the draft.
  • Can you reproduce your problem with the action in a new draft?
  • Possible the action (or the group it is in) is set to trash or archive the draft after success, and you were just looking at a new draft, and your old one got put in the archive or trash?

Ron Black 9:29 PM (4 minutes ago)

to agiletortoise


Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I believe the action is supposed to place in order items which are checked [x] unchecked[ ], or pending[-]

Unfortunately, it just sends the whole list, checked and unchecked items i.e. the whole draft page, to the trash !?

Not the intended action at all.

Anyway I have decided not to use that imported action action and just use the standard ‘sort’ under the menu ‘actions’>‘sort’

The only extra step required doing it this way is that I have to manually highlight the items in the draft that are to be sorted

Thanks for your help…