Health Scripting Extensions

I was listening to Greg’s MPU interview, talking about the way people use Drafts for a journal and the many unexpected uses people find for the scripting engine. It occurred to me, some people might like the ability to pull automatic data from HealthKit for things like a journal (e.g. running a daily log of certain health stats). While it would definitely not be super-widely used, and the permission would be a bit suspect[^1], I think this would add some nice utility to have things the scripting engine could scrape from HealthKit

[^1]: Maybe it could only ask for health permissions when actually running this sort of action for the first time?

I agree the are a lot of interesting possibilities with the integration of Health data with Drafts. It is an area I may pursue, but have been hesitant to do so because App Review has some pretty tight limits, rightfully so, about Health integration. From the guidelines: “HealthKit should be used for health and fitness purposes and integrate with the Health app.”

I not sure the collection and use of the data. It directly generated by the app would be allowed.

you can use the shortcut integration of the health app to retrieve them and store them in a draft with drafts great shortcut actions.


Can you explain this a little more. I’m new to drafts and this feature (pulling select data from Health to add to a journal) is exactly what I’m looking for.

The following example should give you the gist.


Walking Today Drafts action, utilising Walking Today Shortcuts shortcut.

Thank you. I’ll take a look at this and explore.