Have cut/paste/copy keyboard shortcuts apply to line when there is no selection

[I dug around this category as well as the mac category and did not find anything that referenced this]

I have a lot of muscle memory from code editors that allow you to cut/paste/copy the current line when there is no selection. This makes it easy to manipulate these full lines without taking your hands off the keyboard. “Oh, the line you just typed should actually be above the previous line now that you’ve thought of it? Command+X, up, Command+V, down, down, continue…”

On iOS the ability to quickly switch to the ‘arrange’ mode is very natural and serves the purpose well for yanking a line and moving it somewhere else. On the mac the arrange feature is cool and useful for a lot of things, but if you just want to yank a line and move it or duplicate it the metaphor and change in contexts, plus mousing, is heavy.

This wouldn’t be the ‘mac way’ for behavior; textEdit as venerable as it is does not behave this way, so maybe this would hide behind a setting. I don’t know what the control primitive(s) behind the editor in Drafts is either, so not sure how straightforward or sensible of a change this is from that angle.

Anyway, it’s a small thing but it would be a real ‘nice to have’ when I’m bouncing around between different text oriented things on the mac.

Action TAD-Copy Current Line(s) in ThoughtAsylum - Export/Import/Share action group. Several similar variations in there too for cutting and working with previous / next lines.

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