Greg on "Do By Friday" podcast

[UPDATE:] Probably should be clear that Do By Friday is a NSFW humor podcast. Be prepared for language.

For those interested in such things, I was a guest to discuss Drafts on this week’s episode of the “Do By Friday” challenge podcast with Merlin Mann, Max Temkin and Alex Cox:


good grief, that is probably the worst “podcast” I have ever heard. Nothing but potty mouthed brats. Greg’s interview starts at near 48 minutes in.
The first 48 unites is a total waste of time.

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Some of us like those “potty mouthed brats”. (Not to be argumentative.)

I’ve yet to hear the episode but I think it’s got a lot to do with Alex getting into Drafts.

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Yeah, I’m not a fan of the podcast either. I heard it once before when he was on it a long time ago, and I never went back to it. I appreciate Greg’s hard work on Drafts, and it’s great to hear his thoughts on Drafts and any story around Drafts. Thank you for posting the time Greg begins to speak.

It’s certainly not for everyone. I probably should have mentioned the NSFW nature of the podcast up front. If you aren’t keen on the DBF brand of humor, you might prefer my recent appearance on Mac Power Users.

I just sampled it but I have to agree about the language.

For anyone needing words for pitching Drafts to others:

  • From 57:05 to 59:15, Merlin has a great pitch for Drafts
  • Starting at 1:00:40, Greg starts his explanation of Drafts
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If not for you folks this is not kind of podcast I would listen to it to be honest. I really hate the fake laughter that comes from bad jokes… But perhaps I’m just having a bad day.

Still… All hail 2.0 speed when listening to such things.

At least makes it tolerable.

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Love them, love you, subscribed to Pro because of your appearance on their show.

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Reminding me how good drafts is, and Merlin’s sales pitch made sense. All my text is now scratchpaded in drafts.

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My favorite podcast.

Downloaded on both ios and mac then subscribed cause of the show!

My apple notes is just a mess with random individual notes for quotes so my first project is to make an action to append new ones all to one list! Thanks for the awesome product.


Most of the humor comes from having listen to >75% of the previous shows. That said I get why it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. I have to say the thing I took from this one is trying to build the grocery setup that @agiletortoise describes in here. I’m building the template and have added the mode for locking the screen on. RIP battery though.

I can understand your points but since Drafts has achieved cult status I listened devoutly to the Greg part (but was interrupted by a call from a professor emeritus in robotics who uses to start his more than hour long calls with: “Let’s just have a short conversation…” First one of my airpods died, then problem with the other one, finally the iPhone shut down in the middle of the call and had only 1% charge left).

Since I still haven’t heard the rest of the pod I can’t compare which of these competing stimuli was the best. May be it’s safest to finish this post with

All the best,

On the 75% is built on what came before, I’d say that’s a characteristic not a problem.

For example, Accidental Tech Podcast has this characteristic (as does my MUCH smaller podcast series). “Knowingness” can be intimidating to new listeners but it has a binding effect.

Still, with DBF you probably have to be of a certain mindset to enjoy it. I happen to be of that mindset… :slight_smile:

Would have appreciated DBF more if they actually gave You time to talk; not really the DBF Schtick, maybe. The language didn’t seem that egregious, but unless you like the humor, you’ll find it, at least this show, pretty random…

Then I listened to MPU and got to actually learn some things about Drafts and it’s creation, what it looks like on a daily basis, equipment used, etc. Cool.

The management of text and writing in your life is now, no doubt, changing radically.

A very rudimentary thing I do is write all iMessages in Drafts. It’s just a much better place to compose and I no longer accidentally send unedited or incomplete texts.


Well, I really enjoyed the episode.

However, I learned something about myself: I cannot follow tech instructions just by listening to people talk on a podcast. I was completely lost trying to understand what was being said.

For example, the grocery list thing is something I would love to utilize, but I have no idea how to do it.

I find myself wishing there was a video tutorial for Drafts, because I know I’m using like 0.5% of what it can do.

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Don McAllister has done several screencasts on Drafts, including a recent update for the new Mac version. Just go to ScreenCastsOnline and search for Drafts. If you’re not a member, there is a free trial period that will let you watch the tutorial. However, you’re missing a lot by not having a membership.


I had an account a few years ago but let it lapse because I wasn’t actually using it. Not that there wasn’t good stuff there, just that I didn’t have time to watch it all.

Might be time to try again.

I’ve had a ScreenCastsOnline account for several years. I wrote Don a few weeks ago and told him that what I found more useful than watching the weekly videos was being able to go back and look at past ones. Many is the time I have found a new app or become interested in one and he had already done the screencast. It’s value was: 1) deciding if I could really use the app before I bought it; 2) an excellent tutorial after I bought it; and 3) finding apps I had never considered. Finding Notion was a good example of #3. I almost didn’t watch it because I thought I wasn’t interested in it. Now, Notion has essentially replaced Evernote for me.