Greetings... how to retain formatting in an email?

Just discovered this awesome app several hours ago via Cult of Mac.

Question though, I formatted parts of an email draft in bold, but it didn’t retain that formatting when I sent the email

Is there a way to insure that it does ?


Drafts is a plain text editor, it does not do rich text, per se. It does support Markdown for conversion to HTML - which can be supported in email.

A standard “Mail” action is configured by default to send as plain text. If the mail action is configured to “Send as HTML” it will assume the template of the action step is creating HTML and send as formatted HTML content. Details of mail action step configuration.

This Markdown Mail is an example configured to convert Markdown in the draft to HTML and send with rich text formatting. I believe this is what you are looking for.

I know this thread is a few years old, and although I’ve used Drafts for a while, I never really used it for email. However, I wanted to try the “send as HTML” feature to take advantage of writing in Markdown. However, when I try to run the Markdown Mail plugin on my Mac I get this error message: “HTML Mail Not Supported”. Just to problem solve, I tried it on my iOS devices and it worked fine. I’m not sure how to fix the Mac though—any suggestions on how to make it work? Thanks.

As per the documentation on the Mail action there are limitations on the Mac.

However, Greg created a helper app called Mail Assistant to address the limitations.

Check out that page, download and install the helper app, and download the example action - it can be used in place of the standard one as it also caters for i*OS too.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks, sylumer—that’s very helpful. I hadn’t seen that documentation, but the Mail Assistant is what I needed.