Google search on iOS using firefox

Newbie script question. I’d like modify action “google search” to use firefox on iOS instead of Safari.

I’ve tried with an URL-step: firefox://open-url?url=[[selection]] but it only opens a new window in firefox.

If I instead use the following URL-step firefox://open-url?url= it works as intended.

There seems to be some kind of encoding problem, but I don’t know how to fix it.

I don’t have Firefox to try it with, but perhaps try this?


Thanks, but that didn’t work. Log says “invalid url”.

Firefox documentation has this example:
firefox://open-url?url= which works.

But when I try this action firefox://open-url?url=[[selection]]
I get

The example seems to encode space as %2520 instead of just %20. How can I accomplish that?