Google Keep Action?

Is there an action to add a new Draft as a new note in Google Keep?

There is not that I am aware of. The last time I checked (6 months ago?) Google did not offer any way to integrate with Keep, either in the app via URL, or via a web-based API…so unless they have added those things, there’s really nothing Drafts can do to work with Keep.

Weird, especially when you can send a Draft to Google Drive or create a Google Doc…

Not sure if this helps, but I noticed that this 1Writer action (JS like Drafts) at least has the functionality of opening/creating a new Google Keep note. May therefore be transferable?

Is there any new development on this?

I love Drafts and I don’t like Google Keep so much but I live in a household where not everybody has an iOS device and Google Keep is the way for us to share our shopping list and other similar lists.

I’d love to synchronize the items in a Google Keep shopping list with my shopping list in Drafts so that I can stay in the Drafts paradise all the time instead of having to access Google Keep via my Gmail account when I’m on my computer (which is kind of a pain).


Google Keep does not have and API still, to the best of my knowledge, so it is not possible to integrate with it.

Possible you could get them to switch to Google Tasks?

Hi and thank you for the prompt response.

I’ll see if I can convince all the members of my family. Some of them are very invested in Google Keep. They do keep everything in there.

For me it would be a good solution. I’ll start the negotiations :slight_smile: