GMail Action—mail not sending

I love this action and it fits my workflow fabulously. But I’m not getting consistent response with actually sending. I always send and then go check “sent” in my mail app to make sure it went out. Then send again if needed. I’ve narrowed it down to not working the first time I send every 45 minutes or so. Then it’s as if it wakes up the server and everything works perfectly unless I take a break. If I don’t send anything for 45 minutes I need to do a double send again to get it going. What can I do to get it working consistently? Thanks!

can you link the action? is it your own mail server? do you use the background send feature?

I’m very sorry. It’s the new gmail action.

and which action exactly do you use? you can share your own action as unlisted to the directory and then copy the link to this thread.

It would be helpful if you can describe what exactly you are sending.

I quickly created my own Gmail action and send an E-Mail to myself.
I found out, that its not possible to send e.g. the exact same message to the same receipient multiple times. if I change the subject, its working.
Maybe there are some limits from the Gmail API (see here) to protect spam or something else.

Sure. I have done fancier things with this using the shortcut / text replace action. But the same problem manifests with this testing configuration which is completely simple. Here it is.

It is with anything. Earlier today the text was just subject: “hello” and body: “is this working?” Actually, I have been able to send myself the same email multiple times. This morning I tested it every hour or so and if more than 45 minutes the first send failed; if less than that it would send correctly.

Do you get anything in your log when an issue occurs?

I get the same as when it works:
Script step completed.
Gmail sent

Except the email never comes. If I send it again immediately after for the next 40 minutes everything will be fine.

I experienced the exact same outcome when I had a play with using the new Gmail Send. Flagged it to support about 3 weeks ago. No one else had reported it, but it would be monitored nonetheless.

I was working on this issue yesterday and think I have a fix for the next beta release. If you would like to help test, please sign up for the TestFlight beta.

:blush: Fabulous. Awesome. Thanks!

Update. It’s working way better because it’s consistent. When it doesn’t send, it alerts that it failed. I always do it twice and on the second time it sends (I think the gmail server is timing out). The result is that I can trust the action.

Thanks for the great work!

The problem, technically, is that Gmail OAuth is giving out tokens with very short expiration periods. When the auth token expires, a new one needs to be requested. I’ve automated the process to the new one gets requested, but when that happens it is still stalling the action. When you try again, you are using the new token and everything is fine, until it expires again.

I should be able to get the flow fixed so that the action is able to continue after getting the new token, but I haven’t gotten there yet.

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