Global search across "inbox" and "archive"

Now that Drafts is on the Mac, I’m testing it out as my main notes app. This means storing notes and searching them. Drafts has excellent search, however, there is a bit of friction with the lack of a “global” search. I often find I start a search in the “inbox” by default because that’s where I’m working, but then have to tap “Archive” to run the search there. This isn’t the most onerous thing in the world, but it is a bit of extra effort for something I tend to do a lot in a notes app. I’d love to be able to search and have it call up every draft no matter where it lives (minus the trash I suppose). Then, if I want to narrow it down, I can then choose to tap “archive” or filter by tags or invoke a workspace.


I came here looking how to do this.

I also often activate Drafts and want to search across the Inbox, Flagged, and Archive.
I’m really hoping that this is added sometime soon.

+1 for global search. “Search All Drafts” is currently mis-named, bc it’s really only searching within the scope that is selected (Inbox, Flagged, Archive or Trash)

Another vote for designating the search areas in workspaces.