Getting the uuid programatically - i feel so stupid


I am (again) struggeling and failing to get a UUID from a draft (or many drafts)

I am able to create a action in drafts, find the uuids i need and display it in an alert block.

But how to get it into the x-success parameter or any other bucket (clipboard and files would be an option but feel completely ugly)

I searched the forum and did not find the solution.
I read the manual and was not able to apply the knowledge.

Any links or suggestions where I can find the solution?

The URL scheme entries indicate where data is passed back. Not all URL actions do pass data back and that’s where writing to a file or the clipboard comes in sometimes.

An alternative can in some cases be to build your own return URL in a Drafts action, but you need to know where you are going and have a URL scheme available to support the return that you want to build.

I guess that you do one call to create a new draft, then populate the draft with your data, then get the content of the draft and then if needs be run another action to trash that draft. But a lot slower and more convoluted than using a file or the clipboard just for the sake of sticking to x-callback-url responses :smile:

That makes much sense.
I always forget the history of x-callbkack-urls and the sharing options.

I implemented an input parameter via clipboard and a result via clipboard and tested it with a simple shortcut. I made it work - though the types (JSON) did not work as I wanted them to.

But for the task I want to implement I am considering a file export like TAD-Share as File: Syntax combined with a text search.
If I get multiple results it is convenient to put them into separate files and process them further.

I even found out, that Pythonista has a similar problem, that I solved with a script from their forum last summer.

How time flyes …

Thanks a lot for your support. I do not feel stupid anymore.