Getting the content of a draft in shortcuts

I’m a little mystified on how to do a basic thing in iOS shortcuts. I just want to pull in the content of a Draft. I see from the documentation that “get Draft” pulls it in as an object. But mainly I just want to access the content of the Draft. I suppose I could run “copy all” as a Drafts action, then pull it in from the clipboard but that feels like a goofy workaround. What am I missing here?

Shortcuts is all about the little blue “pills” now. So you need to manipulate those in the “next” action you want to use the Draft text in. In other words, after your “Get Draft” action you might have a “Text” action. In that text action, you can place the “Draft” result in there. If you tap on “Draft” in that action, you can then select “content”.


Perfect. Super helpful. Thanks!