GetAllCalendars and multiple “Calendar” named calendars

I have two Exchange calendars, which iOS (?) causes GetAllCalendars to see them as both being named “Calendar”. Is there a way to handle this in a Draft script so I can tell it which “Calendar” I want to use?

I am trying to create an action that will create a draft for meeting notes for my next meeting. Similar to the Prepare MoM action.


Calendar names are applied on the system side, not the client side, so I don’t think there is currently a way to distinguish directly. If Greg added a check for the calendar colour attribute from the Calendars app (if that’s even possible for a third party app), then that would give you some control over what you could use to identify the calendar.

As far as I know, all you can do at this point is use the calendars content to identify it. If you put a future event in a calendar (far into the future), and check for its existence when iterating through the two calendars, that should allow you to distinguish between the two.

Thanks for the suggestion Stephen. I’ll try that for a workaround.