Get ()[] when I use copy and paste shortcut keys

I get ()[] when I use copy and paste shortcut keys. I have had this issue since I installed Drafts. It occurs on my Macbook and my big Mac. It works OK if I use the right-click context menu. Anybody have any ideas what I am doing wrong?

That looks like a backwards Markdown link which is odd in itself.

Maybe the answers to these questions will help track it down?

  • Which keyboard shortcut is it that activates this? Copy, paste, or both?
  • What happens if you do your copy as before, but paste into another app? What is the content in the other app, and what happens when you repast in Drafts?
  • Do you get any notification pop-up that an action has run?
  • Do you have anything in the Draft log to indicate an action has run?
  • Do you have any actions that insert text in this format?
  • Do you have an i*OS device and external keyboard? If so, does the same keyboard shortcut have the same effect there?
  • Do you have any third party apps that can monitor and change the clipboard - e.g. Alfred, Keyboard Maestro?

Together these will hopefully help to figure out if the issue is occurring within Drafts or outside of it, and if inside of Drafts, if it could be down to the remapping of a keyboard shortcut (and which one) to trigger an action.