Get Drafts onto MAC OS - Best App

I am looking for the best app to move my Drafts to my computer, what do you recommend?


Yes I was thinking of this as well. It would be nice to tinker on Mac with my notes. I have not found a way yet other than batch action to dropbox…but that is not sync

Well, one of the changes with 5 looks like it was to lay groundwork for a Mac version of Drafts. See the what’s new page page for a heads up on this.

So if you can be patient and Greg can work some magic, there may just be a perfect solution.

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What aspects to you need to retain?

Bear, Keep It, DEVONthink could all work.

We hope to bring Drafts to the Mac. A lot of work has been done in the Drafts 5 development cycle to prepare the app to move to the Mac, but we do not have anything to announce at this time.

Looking forward to that : - )

In particular, it would be very good to have a shared platform for JS-based text scripting across the iOS-Mac divide.

In the meanwhile, my favourite instrument on macOS happens to be Taskpaper 3, which is also deeply JS scriptable.

I want Drafts on my Mac please