Get current action list and/or button bar

I’ve spent time looking through the documentation trying to find a way to determine which action bar / list is currently active. Is there a way to do that? So the use case I’m trying to solve for is based on an action, determine which bar is currently loaded and then change it.

The other way to solve this would be with some kind of global variable or some way to store information at the app or workspace level. Sorry if I’m missing something obvious.

You can have action groups associated with a workspace, but there’s nothing in the scripting currently that tells you what’s currently loaded.

Can you perhaps explain the use case a little more? Are you looking to change it to something else based on what’s currently loaded, like in a specific sequence of operation? If so, what’s the broader view? There may be a way to address it at a macro process level rather than at this level, or a way to trigger the tracking and then iterate on from there. After all, if you can see a group, you no when to trigger a reset on the sequence rather than an increment.

A simple use case is just to cycle through action bars on my phone. What I want to do is a little more complex but the part I’m trying to figure out would work like this. I have 3 action bars named ‘1’, ‘2’ and ‘3’. Each has a button on the bar that calls an action which would first check the current bar and then load the next one (so if ‘1’ is currently selected then it would load ‘2’ etc.). So it would be a quick tap to cycle through action bars.

It occurred to me I could use something of a ‘system’ note to store this info but that feels less than elegant if their’s a better way.

You can cycle through them with a swipe now.

There’s not really the necessarily scripting support to cycle through them via actions at the moment.

Thank you for the response. As mentioned I can use a global variable via draft but I didn’t know about the swipe thing which is actually very cool