Generate static site from drafts notes?

Hi Folks. A new registered Drafts user here getting to know the program and its extensions. Question: Is there a way to generate a static site from (selected) drafts notes? I have some youtube links in various notes that I’d like to publish to myself, and I figure someone’s done this already. Say by exporting markdown files to a Github Pages site? Thanks!

Typically you do process one draft at a time.
Multiple Drafts is a step more complex.
I would suggest you start with one draft.

You would have to get the credentials to access Github. This needs a personal access token from github. You have to generate one in your account under the developer settings.

A nearly matching action by Greg Pierce the Drafts developer:

Another script - it is developed by a user and I did not check all its doing, so be careful with it. It might work:

You may do it a different way via an Git App (I use Working Copy)

What do you think?