Generalized Action that can be "called" by other Actions

Hi, @sylumer. I recently shared an action in the Drafts Directory, Add Lines to List; in the corresponding Draft Community thread you made the following comment…

That sounds like a great idea. Might you be able to point me to an example or two.

Thanks in advance!

You are looking for the Include Action step. It merges the steps from another action into the current one and runs them as if they were defined there.

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Here’s a worked example

Run this to see an alert.

Run this to give a different message in the alert, but still using the action above to deliver the alert; setting via JavaScript variables.

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Thanks, @sylumer and @agiletortoise.

Am I correct in assuming the calling action looses association with the master action when uploaded to the Drafts Directory? That is, it appears that after the download, one needs to open the caller, move the the Include Action step and reselect the master action. Do I have that right?

Try redownloading the second action with the include.

I think it was I just needed to enter the name in the template rather than the selection option.

Not the first time I’ve done that and shared an action, anf I dare say it won’t be the last :roll_eyes:

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Thanks, @sylumer. I downloaded the second action again and I see the change you made.

Is that something you learned by trial-and-error? I don’t see that distinction in the documentation: Action Step: Include Action

It came up here for me:

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