Full markdown transfer to Evernote?

I would like to forward a draft with full markdown formatting direct to my Evernote account. It seems that New Evernote and Evernote just forward the draft with markdown notation but not in full formatting for my Evernote.
The strange thing is that when I first tried this it worked but I have not been able to repeat the feat! I have tried copy and paste, new note in evernote and save to evernote (although I’m not sure what the difference is between those last two).
Any help, much appreciated. Drafts is a gem of an app!
Thank you
Ron Bailey

By full Markdown formatting vs. notation, can I check you just mean rich text formatting appearing in Evernote?

Assuming that is the case, is it you are getting no formatting or only some? If the latter can you provide some more details?

Thank you. Yes, I mean I want RTF in Evernote created by the Mark-Down option in Drafts.
I am getting no RTF formatting in Evernote when I try to port a text from Drafts.
Yours Ron Baile

What happens for you if you try this action?

The Save to Evernote example action which ships with the app in the “Basic” action group behaves this way.

To do this, you have to use actions which use Drafts’ direct integration with the Evernote APIs. I think you are using examples like this New Note in Evernote action which integrate with the Evernote app locally on the device with URL schemes. These actions cannot convert Markdown to Rich Text.

(PS, @sylumer - the %% %% in your example are not necessary. If your template output is set to “Markdown”, Drafts will do the Markdown conversion. That setting basically means the template is generating Markdown. You would need that if the template output is set to ENML)

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Just built an action for this: Save to Evernote (Full Formatting)

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