From Drafts 5 to Scrivener?

Has anyone developed, is developing, or is thinking about developing an action that posts a draft to a Scrivener project?


You probably want to take a look at this topic.

There are two ways I have integrated Drafts 5 with Scrivener.

  1. If you put your scratchpad on Dropbox you can use the Drafts Dropbox action to post notes to your Scratchpad
  2. Sync your Scrivener project to an external file where destination is on Dropbox (do this first as initial sync wipes everything in the destination folder you choose). Like (1), you can post from Drafts to this folder using the Dropbox action and these “documents” will show up in your binder when you sync with external file in Scrivener.

Both 1 and 2 are text only. I use txt extension as I am one of those nerds that tends to use markdown as default writing style

Alternative to Dropbox for (1) is to put scratchpad on iCloud folder for Drafts 5 in “Draft”. I have not tried this. Disadvantage would be everything in Drafts then shows in scratchpad which you probably don’t want.

Drafts doesn’t store drafts in files, but rather in a database. Therefore I wouldn’t expect everything in Drafts to show up in Scrivener’s scratch pad.