Fountain Example Syntax

I started an example syntax for Fountain, the “plain text markup language for screenwriting”. This builds on the new custom syntax support in v26.

While I can read specs, I’m not a screenwriter, and have never used Fountain, so it’s likely this doesn’t cover aspects of the way this syntax should work, but I wanted to get a good starting point out there to build on. If people try it and have feedback, please comment.

Right now, the Fountain syntax supports:

  • Navigation by scene heading (like INT - OFFICE)
  • Highlighting scene headings.
  • Markup for characters, lyrics, transitions, emphasis, bold, bold-italic.
  • [[notes]]

Please feel free to join the conversation if you plan to use Fountain in Drafts and have ideas/feedback.

I love that you chose Fountain as an example to include. From my initial test, it looks like character names are getting bolded. This wouldn’t be standard screenplay format or something Fountain would render.

Ultimately, the spacing/indentation conversions are what make Fountain what it is. I’ve been writing in Fountain in Drafts for a while but need to send it somewhere else (Highland on the Mac) in order to convert it to screenplay format. Is there a way to preview/export in Fountain? I don’t have the ability to build such an action and I haven’t seen it in the directory.

There’s no facility for export or preview specifically. I believe it could be built with some fo the Javascript tools provided by the Fountain project, but I have not had time to look into them.