Forward delete button

Tapping this button moves the display to the bottom of the text. The cursor remains in the correct position though. Happened only when working with an external keyboard on the iPhone XS Max.

Which keyboard? Did you download from here or create the action it yourself?

Okay, assuming it’s this action, I don’t see the same issue (tested on iPhone 6S and iPad 12.9", external keyboard).

Update: Tried again today with the bluetooth keyboard attached and it didn’t happen again, so it was a temporary issue.
It’s the action that comes with the built-in keyboard actions group.
Is the model of the bluetooth keyboard of interest? Have to look that up.

Glad it was just temporary. That action is not shipped with Drafts, it must be a user-created action you installed. Seems like it is this one, as @PhilipK mentioned.

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I’m glad it’s resolved. To clarify, the keyboard I was asking about was the action group keyboard rather than a physical one.

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