Formatting Titles for Evernote

I have successfully modified the Save to Evernote action to save to a specific Evernote notebook with the first line of the Draft as title. Just one small problem. When the title appears in the note that I have created in Evernote, the spacing between the words is gone. Thus, for example, “The Li Yih-Yuan Project 25” becomes TheLiYih-YuanProject25. Is there a quick fix for this?

Can you share your modification?

Dead simple. When I click and hold on the Save to Evernote action, I get a menu that asks if I want to edit it. I do. Then, when I click on the action in the edit window, a new window opens that provides the details I can edit. One is the default notebook. I change it to the one to which I want to save notes for my current project. That’s it.

If I were smarter I would find a way to automate the notebook selection. And if I were smarter than that, I would probably use one notebook and organize my notes with tags.

Okay, there are three actions in the Action Directory that are “Save to Evernote” actions. Presumably you changed one of these?✓&q=Save+to+Evernote

It sounds like you changed the notebook name to one of your own, and that’s all. That would suggest that the basic behaviour of the action has not changed. I don’t see anything in any of these three actions that would describe what you are seeing, so I’m still left feeling it is potentially something about the way you have modified the action.

Can you share your modified action by sharing a link to your action? The normal way to do this is to share your action to the action directory, but to set it as unlisted, and then paste the link to the action into the thread.

That’s actually what I had meant with the above. Sorry for not being more specific on that.

You are right that “ It sounds like you changed the notebook name to one of your own, and that’s all. ”

But following up I discovered the Share action in the iOS version, which solves the formatting problem.

I believe you are running into this long running Evernote issue that affects some users with the API.

It comes and goes, but I don’t believe there is any solution until Evernote fixes it.

I would try forgetting your credentials in Drafts settings, and re-authenticating Evernote. I’m not convinced that helps, but I have had users say it fixed it for them.

Can you share the modified action?