Formatting time a Draft was created

Hello, I am modifying this action Monthly Journal. I would like for the result be the following when I run it on a draft. The time is the time the draft was created, not the current time.

– 9:58pm: Some text

This code will show the current time:

let contentTemplate = `--[[time| %I:%M %p]]: [[draft]]

I tried this and it shows a long date / time:
let contentTemplate = -- + draft.createdAt + ': ’ + [[draft]]

So I want to format createdAt to just show 12 hour time format.
Also, instead of the text of the draft being saved, it shows “[object ActionKit.ScriptObjectDraft]”

Thanks for any help!

This should work:

draft.processTemplate("[[created|%I:%M %p]]")

The formats and how to access the created date in the template is Documented here

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Re your second issue - I didn’t try the action but first I wanted to check if you made any changes to it?

Thanks, the time formatting works great!

I don’t think I changed anything else, but I will compare the Monthly Journal in the action directory vs my code.

I copied the code from the action directory, then modified with the processTemplate you posted earlier and now everything is working as it should. Thanks so much for your help!


Great to hear! Happy journaling :slight_smile:

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