Format First Line of Draft?

Is it possible to identify the first line of a draft (probably in a syntax) and then format it differently? I use the first line as a title, and would like it to stand out, but don’t want to use # header for it.

Is there a reason you do not want to use the # markdown header style? Drafts uses a display title property to display titles in the drafts list, which can also be used via the [[display_title]] template tag in action, which strips those characters.

Thank, but does [[display_title]] help me accomplish this? I don’t see a way to access that with a theme, or to match it as a scope in a syntax. I was hoping there might be a way to assign a specific scope to “first line” in a syntax, then style that in my theme (though a more direct route would be nice, too).

I have several reasons not to use # in the title - I have a lot of existing Drafts that don’t use it; it can be a problem if I export drafts or when inevitably I move to a different platform; I don’t like it aesthetically; I want every title to always format this way, so why require # to make that happen?; conceptually the title is not the same as a header, and using it that way properly means headers in the draft should start at ##, which I don’t want to do.