Forcing a URL to open in a specific browser?

Probably a noobie question here, but I’m still getting up to speed with actions, so would appreciate any thoughts on this.

Basically, while I have safari as my default browser (for running Google searches etc), it would be useful to open some search queries in Command (for when I’m doing research).

Can I force a URL to open up in a non-default browser? Would that require the Command browser to accept call back URLs?

Thanks a lot in advance.

There is no option to specify a particular preferred browser in Drafts. It will use the system default I believe.

If you wanted to use a different browser, you could use an action to drive that behaviour, but you would have to trigger the action rather than say click/tap on a link.

The receiving browser would require some way for you to trigger it and pass it a URL. The simplest way would be if it supports a URL scheme; though note it does not have to be an x-callback-url scheme. Alternatively, Shortcuts and AppleScript can potentially work around such limitation if the app happens to offer alternatives related to those.

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To add: it looks like Command’s url scheme doesn’t work as one might hope (or at least I haven’t found documentation for it). You can launch Command via “command://“, and it almost accepts urls (e.g. command://, but doesn’t seem to resolve them properly— keeps displaying a prompt to “open external app”.

I’ve asked the developer about it… the browser share sheet extension works as one would expect, so the url scheme can’t be far off. Speaking of which, on iOS, you could just highlight a URL, tap share, and tap the “Open on Command” option that’s available there if you’ve got that active.

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Thanks for the reply both - and the specifics around Command @jsamlarose.

I’ve been trying to find out about the status of a potential call back URL, but couldn’t find contact details for the developer.

I guess I’ll have to be patient and use the IOS share functionality in the meantime.

Follow up: Ash (Command developer) has replicated the bug. Plans to attend to it in a forthcoming release.

For direct Command support: in the app, tap the command symbol on the nav bar, then select the feedback option.


If you’re trying this on macOS, you might want to take a look at Choosy. Basically, you set it as your default browser and then you can create rules dictating which apps use which browser or, if no rules apply, you get a customizable pop-up that lets you select which browser to use for the link you just clicked.