For those of us who do not know how to script

This is a very welcoming place. Every morning over coffee, I tell Siri to “Check Drafts Forum” and, as long as I put my thumb over my phone’s microphone, she will pull up the lastest discussions. Fabulous!

I then wade my way through a bunch of posts that I don’t have a hope of understanding, nor the capacity to glean any useful information from. It is probably a hangup of mine, but I am feeling a bit silly sharing the ways I am using Drafts, as opposed to coming up with new actions, workflows/shortcuts, scripts, etc.

I have a complicated job (teaching and tracking many students all on different modules and their individual assessments, resources and progress reports) as well as heading a commercial kitchen with a seasonal menu, and I am using Drafts primarily for all of that. It has replaced many different apps for me (still trying to find a reason to hold onto Bear because I love it, but there are only a few uses I have for it that Drafts doesn’t do-yet) and even when there is a tiny bit of friction, I choose to remain working in Drafts because I just love it so darned much.

I would like to welcome other users and lovers of Drafts who have no time, inclination, interest, or tolerance for fiddling with the guts of actions (that is not a shot-I’d be nowhere without the people who know how to do this) to share what they’re doing. I’ll start after breakfast.



Echoes of my own experience here Kathryn - I’m an interested but largely clueless amateur


There will always be someone more knowledgeable/skilled whatever than you, remember people newer probably say something similar in your own work sphere about how good you are…

I am a developer yet marvel at what some people achieve, frankly I do not know where they find the time, let alone the skills. For me Drafts is a starting place for everything text based, but as a storage space it probably is not the best or easiest to organise.

I dropped Bear when Drafts came out, but have resurrected it as a repository for my code snippets and code articles which I do not need to share or save as PDF’s in which case they go into DevonThink or sharing via GitHub Gists.

I also dropped Ulysses, and use Drafts to write blogs and articles, but I save them in a git repository. For me Drafts, is the first stop for text and usually a middle place for manipulating and honing but definitely not the final resting place.

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