Font size in MacOS widgets

Font sizes in the MacOS Notification Center are all over the place, largely dependent on the choices of the devs for each app. The font for Drafts List widget (M and L sizes) is tiny. In comparison, the Bear widget font is huge. These inconsistencies make the Notification Center a bit of a dog’s breakfast and quite jarring to the eyes.

Is there a way to modify the font size or are we at the mercy of the devs? If it’s the latter, I’d love the option to modify the font size. So much wasted space!

I can’t really speak to what other apps are doing. Drafts uses system-standard Dynamic Text sizes for Widgets. On iOS, there vary with your selected text size, as chosen in Settings > Display.

On macOS, Apple does not provide a way to adjust these standard font sizes, exactly. Just system-wide scaling you can do in System Preferences > Display.

Note there are some things that can shrink the font size. For example, action/workspace names in the grid widget will shrink to try to fit the text for longer names.

Thanks for the reply. I don’t use the Scaled setting, just Default for Display. I played around with Scaled but zooming in isn’t what I want on my laptop screen. I guess the font size is a matter of taste. Personally I find it to be far too small and out of balance with everything else in the UI. Reminders is the same way. It’s no big deal, I don’t use the Notification Center that much and I can make do. =)