Font settings need user config

I’m quite pleased with the themes I’ve tried, but I really wish theme developers wouldn’t adjust the font sizes, there are no granular settings for these and they seem to be set by the theme. In particular would everyone just go through their theme and change text-url to size medium, I only found one theme that didn’t make links with tiny text, NightOwl. I’d rather rely on public themes, it seems that setting developer mode and rolling my own themes is too complicated.

It is not as complicated as you might think to make these modifications, but certainly themes shared by others are going to reflect their preferences.

There is a bug in the shipping version in the built-in themes. The font should not be smaller on those URLs in those themes, and that will be fixed in the next update.

More direct configurability of some of those options in app may come sometime down the road, but for now it does require modification of files. In this case if you export a theme you like, the only modifications you would need to make is to remove any “fontSize” keys which override the default font size in the JSON file.