FlickType keyboard support for Apple Watch

I would love to see the FlickType keyboard added as an input method to the Drafts Apple Watch app. It is so good! http://www.flicktype.com/sdk/

I have looked at FlickType, and it seems like they have built a very nice tool. I will keep an eye on it, but do not think it is appropriate to add to Drafts at this time.

It is a close-source SDK, with licensing terms which require, among other things, adding their screenshots to your app’s App Store pages which I do not consider a reasonable request.

I looked at this and installed it. Right now it will only do SMS messages. I wonder if there is some way to automate SMSing into Drafts. (Somehow I doubt it.)

In practice it’s quite nice but not necessarily a big advance on the dictation capability Drafts already has on the watch.