Flag syncing problem

I hope this wasn’t already discussed as I searched before posting.

Having a problem with the sync status of flags that easily duplicated - it happens pretty much every day. Using Drafts 35.0.2 on the Mac and I have a daily note that I create every day to use for that days notes/whatever. The usual workflow is unflag the previous day, create the new day, flag it. That all works fine on a single Mac. But I have Drafts on my work MacBook Pro and my M1 iMac. Here first/second depends on which Mac I open first…its usually the iMac…but after I create the new note on the first Mac when I open Drafts on the second Mac I not only get the flag for the current day that was set on the first Mac but I then get the previous days flag back on the first Mac coming over from the second.

Does that make sense? Everything else seems to work as expected so this behavior is a bit odd. Any ideas? Oh, and both Macs are running the latest version of Ventura (13.1)