[FIXED] Crash on Quick find (cmd-shift-f) in macOS v19.1.4

I press cmd-shift-f, the edit menu item lights up showing it’s trying to do the action, the app locks and crashes. I don’t have a huge amount of drafts and have rebooted to no avail :cry:

Confirming same issue, same release, macOS 10.15.4

I’m tracking this issue, but have not been able to reproduce. More details about when it started would be useful. So far, I think it’s related to certain results triggering a layout issue in the Mac APIs.

Try quitting Drafts and deleting the folder at ~/Library/Containers/com.agiletortoise.Drafts-OSX and relaunching, does that fix Quick Search?

(If it does, it will probably happen again if you hit the right (wrong?) set of search results)

Deleting that folder does fix the problem for me. Thank you! When I encountered the issue, it was my first time ever using quick find. I only have about 50 drafts to search, and I used a sequence of about 15 digits as my search term. I’m not sure if this was the same scenario for the OP.

As it stands, Quick Search tries to restore the last search when it it opened, so if you hit one of these queries that hangs it, you get stuck reopening it. Killing that file resets that last query (and a few other settings, but nothing terribly important).

Hopefully I can find a case to reproduce here soon and get this permanently resolved.

Yep, removing the folder fixed the issue - and it was my first-ever usage of quick search - I’d always used the “Search Drafts” box above the list on the left.

This is resolve in 19.2. Should be out in the next day or two.