Fix for trouble searching actions after v42 update

In the last release, a feature was added that allows individual actions or entire action groups to be hidden from search–both in the search box above the action list and in the command palette.

This change required a small data migration be run to update existing actions for the feature.

Based on reports, for some number people this migration did not run correctly when the latest was first launched.

If, and only if, you are having trouble searching for actions in your installation of Drafts, install the action linked below, and run it once. After running it, you can delete the action again. This will force that migration to run on your install, and make your actions searchable again. You need only run this once, the changes will sync to other devices.

Also, take note of the feature, and if you want to intentionally hide any actions from search to reduce clutter, you can edit them and uncheck the search visibility option.


Thanks for this and thanks for your consistently excellent support. This fixed it for me immediately.

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Resolved my issue - thanks!

Many thanks. I thought I was going crazy. Glad I found this.