First Line Bold/Title Option

In both the iOS and macOS version the first line is treated kind of as a title and appears in bold in the inbox, etc. I would love to see an option to turn this behavior off.

The convention is that the first line is taken as the title. The [[title]] tag references it specifically.

Is your request to turn off seeing the title, in which case what would you want in its place, or is it to restyle the title as not bold?

My solution is to put a real title in. For my journal I then add enough blank lines so that the body doesn’t appear in the document list. Not ideal but not bad.

The one time I’d like the title not to be the first line is for my javascript snippets. But then I’m storing functions and the first line can be a comment so a semi-useful title.

If you access your journal entries via a dedicated workspace, you can turn the option “Show body preview” to off and it will only show the first line. Would prevent you from having to “add enough blank lines”. I do this specifically for my journal entries which are tagged “journal” and filtered into their own workspace.

My request is to be able to have an option in the preferences to turn off the bold style, so that in the list views all the text for each item is in the plain style.

I guess the reason for this is that probably the majority of my items are snippets of various kinds, and I have no need or desire for a title for these.