Filtering out adjustments made at a specific period of time

When a meeting is prepared, a log of notes are already in the drafts. To easily distinction the adjustments made when you are reviewing the notes made during the meeting, a filter mechanisme which make these adjustments visible shoul;d be great. Such can be that easy by using a different color or another method to filter out the adjustments made (at a specific period of time)?

Something I was thinking about is using different color when making the notes. And have the ability to keep that color independent of moving the cursor to another place in the document. But, color coding of text is not possible at all at the moment AND most word processor will change this color to the one set when you move arround in a doucment.

Hope on a suggestion


Drafts is a plain text editor, it does not have rich-text styles, like color/bold/italics directly attached to text.

It does have syntax highlighting, and supports custom syntax definitions and themes which can mark text, including in colors, based on markup in the text - much the way the default Markdown syntaxes/themes have colored # Headings.

So, it’s possible with some custom syntax to apply colors if you are able to mark your text somehow. Another example in the existing markup is the {++highlight++} markup which is supported in the MultiMarkdown syntax.

You cannot, however, just select some text and make it red, for example.

Might I suggest the Diff action from @jsamlarose?


That’s a very nice action. Thanks @jsamlarose for writing it and @sylumer for helping me stumble across it.