FileManager to move files between folders

Hi All

Let me give the context and ask the question. I’ve been searching but couldn’t find an action for it.

Context: I have txt files in a dropbox folder that I importa into Drafts (iOS version) and run some actions to ultimately post it into a Wordpress site.

Once posted I’d like the original txt file in Dropbox to be moved into a different folder.

Is this possible with FileManager? I have no knowledge of js so any help with scripts would be very welcome too.


The FileManager is only applicable to files in local storage or iCloud Drive.

To work with files in Dropbox, you need to use a Dropbox object. This object has convenience methods for reading and writing files, but no simplified methods for moving files.

Anything that can be done with the Dropbox API can be done with the Dropbox object using the rpcRequest method, but it does require knowledge of the working of the Dropbox API…so it’s not a beginner scripting task, I’m afraid.

I do not have any good examples to share at the moment, but possibly some one else does.

Thanks @agiletortoise.

If the original file is in iCloud would there be samples of scripts showing how to move files between iCloud folders? I’m trying to avoid using Shortcuts app in this action.


Fo anyone following along, @AFC also posted this on the Automators forum. So there are some bits and pieces over there too; and I may have posted some examples :wink: