File Import is not working with specific signs

I cant import files into Drafts from iCloud…
It does not matter whicht file type, .txt, .js - when i hold the “plus” sign in the top left corner, select import file and choose a file from icloud, nothing happens.
Hard Reset, reboot or new installation of Drafts did not help, iPhone 7 Plus latest iOS Version.

I looked a little deeper into this issue, it seems that Drafts is not possible to import these (german) signs:§ßäöü
There can be more, i dont know but can you please fix this?

I just tested with those characters in the file name and file content here and had no problem. Where are the source files coming from? Possible they are saved in a non-standard encoding?

its not working on my end, if these signs are in the file i cant import the file.
I created the .txt file on windows 7 with the editor and saved them in the web view of iCloud Drive, opened Drafts on the iPhone and imported the file.
When I remove the characters it just works with the same workflow.
The characters are in the file content, not the name, i didnt test it with the file name.

If you create a file on iOS with those characters, can you re-import it? Can you send a sample file to

Worked with a .txt file created with drafts on the iphone, saved to icloud drive and reimported it…

i sent you some files via e-mail

Your source files were encode using older ISO encodings which are pretty rare these days. Not sure what your source editor is, but I highly recommend looking into changing your default encoding to UTF-8.

Drafts should handle this better, I’ll look into that, but you will likely run into problems with these files elsewhere as well.

This was just the normal text editor on windows 7 - I just created them there because I was not on my „goto laptop“ - I never had problems there :slight_smile:
Thanks for the help I’ll convert them and import them afterwards „Ticket closed“ great support!