Feature Request: Toggle between window layouts with one click

On a daily basis, I switch between what I think of as “capture mode” and “journal mode”. In capture mode, I make visible the sidebar with the list of Drafts, the Tag Entry location, the Toolbar, etc. In journal mode, I hide all of that, and make Drafts full-screen.

The problem is that executing this switch currently takes at least three different menu commands or keyboard shortcuts. Further, those menu commands seem inconsistent (one command toggles between Show Drafts / Hide Drafts, but there are two different commands for Show Tag Entry / Hide Tag Entry).

So this is a point of confusion and complexity every time.

It would be nice if there was just one command to switch between the various layouts. Barring that, it would be nice to have configurable preset layouts. Or for this example, “Hide All / Show All” or “Hide All / Show Default” would work just fine.

When actions come to the Mac version, these UI elements will be scriptable, and actions (which you can assign keyboard shortcuts to) can be created for these types of setup tasks like they can on the iOS version now.

Hang in there…actions are on the way before too much longer.

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