Fantastical event "stacker" action?

I know and have (do) used (use) several of the excellent straight-up “parse lines into Fantastical events” actions.

Wondering if someone knows of any that do anything like the following (please forgive the pseudo :v:t2:“code”:v:t2:):

  1. Create list of events(1-N), in order, each with duration duration(1-N)
  2. Action prompts for an initial starting time startDate(0) and startTime(0)
  3. Line 1: creates Fantastical event of duration duration(0) starting at startDate(0) startTime(0)
  4. Lines 2-N: creates Fantastical event of duration(N) starting at time startDate(N-1) startTime(N-1) + duration(N-1)


With a selected start time of today at 12PM, these lines…

Make the coffee for 15 minutes
Plan the day for 30 minutes
Work the plan for 3 hours
Review the day for 30 minutes

… become…

12:00-12:15 | Make the coffee
12:15-12:45 | Plan the day
12:45-15:45 | Work the plan
15:45-16:15 | Review the day

Were it within my capabilities to do it reasonably efficiently, I would just adapt one of the aforementioned actions… but, alas, that’s not yet possible. Maybe someday… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

While certainly possible, that’s a very non-trivial programming task because, at least the way you have phrased it, it would require parsing the natural language text to figure out the durations and build date types based on those values.

You can’t leverage Fantastical’s natural language processing in this way, unfortunately.

Might be more approachable if your input was more structured and easier to parse, something like 15|Make the coffee where the initial value was always an integer and always in minutes.

That makes sense and would be a totally workable way to do it. Thank you for that. (Still beyond my capabilities, but certainly less unachievable at present.)