Fantastical Actions 3.0 on Mac

I’ve started using Fantastical 3.0. When I try sending and event or reminder to the new app from Drafts on my Mac, I get the attached error. I tried changing the x-callback-url to …

fantastical://x-callback-url/parse/?sentence=[[draft]] -and-

… but that doesn’t help on the Mac and it breaks the iOS integration with Fantastical 3.0.

Is anyone else experiencing this and solved the issue?

Hey! For me it is working without any problems on Mac. Sure you updated to the latest version of the action in the directory? After drafts for Mac was out, there was an update to the Fantastical action. The old one gave an error…

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As @Chrome said, the Mac version of Fantastical does not support the same URL schemes as the iOS version. This updated action supports both platforms.

Please request Flexibit implement support for the same URLs. It’s something I’ve asked them about and they have said they plan to do, but a few more support requests might help them prioritize.


Ok, so I see the updated action that has both the iOS and Mac URL scheme.

Looking in the Fantastical Integration Guide, it appears you linked the Events in Fantastical and Reminders in Fantastical to the same action (Events).

Is there an updated Reminders action?

How do we request this from Flexibit?

Try their contact page.

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thanks. Contacted and requested same URL for all apps.

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