Fantastic Event Parser

I extended the awesome Fantastically Good Event Parser by @pdavisonreiber (original forum post and action) to allow the user more control over the actually created event.

It uses the same parsing technique so full credits to @pdavisonreiber for that logic! I added a prompt for each event the action will create where you can check the interpreted data and make adjustments if you want to.

I also included an extended documentation on how to use the action. A few examples of events that will be recognized by the action:

Important discussion with coworkers tomorrow 9:00-11:30 /work alert 30min at Apple Park
Dinner sunday 19:00 3h /private at FavoritePizza
Workshop 2024-02-01 to 2024-02-03 /work at San Francisco
Call with Somebody today 17:00

Download it in the action directory: fantastic event parser | Drafts Directory

Boosts appreciated FlohGro: "I created a more user friendly way to create cale…" -


updated to version 1.2:

  • more robust calendar lookup
  • alerts for event are now displayed in confirm event prompt
  • calendars are now sorted in the confirm event prompt

@FlohGro : Thank you for building this! Found this on Mastodon a few months ago and have been using it fairly regularly since.

However, 1.2 is breaking calendar mapping for me from the dialog box to the final event. It seems my calendars don’t get mapped correctly from what I choose to where the event gets created and I haven’t been able to establish a pattern.

Here’s what I’ve seen so far:

  • If I create an event on my Personal calendar, it fails and the action log indicates it’s trying to write to a read-only calendar (which it isn’t).
  • If I create an event on my Work calendar, it creates the event on my family calendar in a different account.
  • If I create an event on one of iCloud calendars, it creates that event on my Work calendar.

I’ve also tried creating events with /Personal and /Work which result in the exact same situation as above.

I’ve tried deleting and re-adding the action, resetting the permissions, hard restarts of the app and the phone, but none of them seem to fix this. What’s interesting is that there isn’t randomness to it, i.e. the exact same other calendar gets chosen no matter how many times I try it, which leads me to a suspicion of mapping / ordering across some interaction.

So I am posting here to seek some help / ideas on what could be going on.

Here’s what I just tried to create an event (1) on my work calendar (2; starts with a G), but it got created on one of my shared calendars (3; starts with an S):

You had asked a few things on Mastodon, so responding to those:

  1. None of the input strings have worked for me so far.
  2. I have tried ‘{Event} {time}’ and ‘{Event} {time} {calendar}’.
  3. This occurs across my calendars (Personal, G…, S…, iCloud).

Thanks! I’ll take a look! I think I’ve reproduced (parts of) your issue thanks to your description…

Pushed an update, can you please check if it’s working again?

That fixed it, thank you so much!

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